Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Welcome To Shitcoin Fun

Welcome to Shitcoin Fun!  This website is just a random website that is being put together by an average Shitcoin trader and investor.  The point is to educate and inform other potential crypto investors and traders that are considering putting their hard earned dollars into the actual Shitcoin.

If you haven’t heard it yet, there is a popular saying that goes “Bitcoin is it, everything else is shit!”

To that I would respond, that’s arguable.

We’ll save that conversation for another day.  Oh, but that day will come alright!

Bitcoin is obviously the number one market cap coin in existence, and it has been number one forever, but have you paused to ask yourself why?

I digress….  I can’t help it.  As I said earlier, we’ll save it for another day.

In The Meantime Buy The Original Shitcoin


I wouldn’t recommend investing your life savings in shitcoin, but here is how I see it… According to MSNBC, an average American home buys a$1000 worth of lottery tickets every year.

I would argue that your odds of increasing your household net-worth are increased exponentially by diverting that money from lottery tckets into Shitcoin!  As a matter of fact, as of today, you can become a Shitcoin Billionaire and join an exclusive group of less than 115 account holders that own a billion original shitcoins.

Shitcon Billionaire
Shitcoin Billionaire

Buy Shitcoins Instead Of Lottery Tickets

Someone that is reading this is likely to be a math genius and I’m sure they could give a much more concise calculation, but I just copied the following sentence from the top of Googles search page.  I asked “Odds of winning a lottery?” and the answer they gave was: “The odds of winning mega millions (Jackpot) is 1 in 302,575,350.”

Yeah, people can argue that a lottery pool has better odds, blah, blah, blah..  I’m no rocket scientist, but after seeing what has happened with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Zeniq and so many other cryptocurrencies, I’ll take my chances with Shitcoin OG all day long and all night too!

Plus, you can tell everyone you’re a Billionaire! In you’re best James Bond voice, “Billionaire, Shitcoin Billionaire.”

Join Us

So the second point of buying Shitcoins is to have fun.  I have a list of fun stuff in mind that I think could prove to be a really fun time.  We’ll only see in time, but why don’t you buy some Shitcoins and join our effort?  We’re building a community with a shared purpose. We want to have our money and net worth grow as we have fun and make friends along the way.  What’s wrong with that?

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People checking their Shitcoin balances.

Last Point

The world has become divisive enough.  Let’s put our differences aside and work together to have fun and grow our net-worth.  No politics, no healthcare, no society discussions and we can have fun with Shitcoin without being vulgar, nasty, and without offensive language.  We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome in our group.


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